Preserving granite countertops

Preserving Granite Countertops

Granites, and marbles countertops for that matter, are a mainstay of any house development, from kitchens and vanity countertops to flooring. They remain timeless and elegant while displaying resilience to last generations. Their ability to last long is built only on the one requirement that the owner take some simple steps towards preserving and maintaining the stone periodically.

Preserving Granite Countertops Omaha

Preserving granite countertops or marble starts from the point of installation. We, at GOQ countertops in Omaha, strongly recommend to waterproof the stones to prevent it from suffering discoloration and damage at the behest of corrosive fluids or foods that inevitably find their way on top of them. Waterproofing should be preferably done once a year to refresh its ability to resist staining.

Granite Countertops During Installation

During installation, we take the utmost care to accurately measure and prepare the stone to comfortably sit in the space it is designed for. Incorrect installation can greatly compromise the integrity of the stone and even lead to its breakage and cracking over time. At GOQ countertops, we understand the need to plan the stone slab’s cutting and installation according to the preferred use by the customer. Additionally, our skilled technicians take pride in training our customers in the proper upkeep, care and maintenance of new stone installations.

Installation of granite, marble or quartz is merely the last step of the entire operation. Protecting the stone, laying it with care and then protecting it post installation is what leads to a perfect and enviable final product.

Post Installation

Post-installation, GOQ technicians advise the customer of the various risks of the use-cases of such stones. Liquids like oils and fats, coffee and wine all have noticeable, and sometimes irreversible, effects on the stone. The stone tends to lose its shine and luster and may even develop unevenness and depressions depending on what it is exposed to. Prompt cleaning is of the highest importance once a spillage occurs on stone installations.

Cleaning the stone with a soft cloth, water and non-corrosive (neutral) cleaning agents is advisable. It is very important to avoid the stone from being exposed to any known corroding solutions and solvents such as bleach, detergents, dishwashing fluids, kerosene, thinner or other known chemical products.

GOQ Countertops Omaha

At GOQ, we take pride in the entire experience of a new installation or upgrading your kitchen, vanity countertops, mantles etc. We are only satisfied when we know we have left you with a product that you love and an installation that loves you back.

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