2019 Popular Countertop Colors Omaha NE

2019 Popular Countertop Colors

Every year customers define a new theme, color and texture that takes the stage front and center. 2019 has been no different and the prevalent trend has already become clear over the past few years with a tendency for customers to move towards black and grey tones with monochrome kitchens being the most common choices. Here are 2019 Popular Countertop Colors.

2019 Popular Countertop Colors in Omaha, Nebraska

Black granite countertops provide dramatic contrasts to other choices specifically with high gloss kitchen cabinets. White and grey are also trending as other monochrome stone color choices that supplement black color choices on occasion.

White & Grey 2019 Popular Countertop Colors

White and grey monochrome countertops go very well with wooden cabinets and wood tones particularly honey maple or cheery.

Quartz Countertops Omaha

Quartz countertops with character similar to marbles such as Italian Calacutta and Carrara are also very popular as the veining adds a strong character to the space.

GOQ Countertops Omaha

Whatever remains your price point and budget, at GOQ Countertops, we will work closely with you to develop:

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GOQ will always advise our customers that square foot costs are never truly enough to explain the complete service. Always ask what is included and what is not. Rest assured, with GOQ Omaha Kitchen countertops, our customers in the greater Omaha Metro Area always get what they asked for and suffer no hidden costs. That is our promise!
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