Avoid Hidden Costs When Buying Omaha Kitchen Countertops

Avoid Hidden Costs When Buying Omaha Kitchen Countertops

If you’re looking to buy Omaha Kitchen granite or quartz countertops for your new home or remodeling project pricing is usually one of the to most important factors when selecting a vendor.
It is important to understand the various costs when you are making the decision on Omaha kitchen countertops for your project.

How to Avoid Hidden Costs When Buying Omaha Kitchen Countertops?

Typically Omaha countertop projects include:
  • tear down
  • removal and disposal of existing tops
  • fabrication
  • edges
  • sink cut outs
  • delivery
  • installation and sealing

Different vendors price each of these services in different ways and sometimes do not price all the services in the initial quotation. Price also varies based on the material, size of your countertop, color, and edge profile.

Omaha Countertops Hidden Prices

It’s important to understand advertised prices may or may not include all the services required for your project or cover the option which you select. GOQ Countertops in Omaha, Nebraska focuses on complete transparency in pricing on all our services. Our pricing always includes the details for tear downs, edges and sealing, cutouts and sinks. There are no hidden costs and that is a rule we cannot break.
  • Appliances
  • electrical fittings
  • plumbing
  • flooring
  • other accessories such as cabinets and interior fittings are not part of the original price
Splashbacks are usually very clearly indicated if they are included in the price.

GOQ Countertops Omaha

As a homeowner, it is also important that you are guaranteed the quality of the stone which is installed. If a granite or quartz countertop is too cheap, there is a chance it is an inferior product. A poor quality countertop installation ends up costing more in long run as cost of teardown she replacement can be expensive.

GOQ will always advise our customers that square foot costs are never truly enough to explain the complete service. Always ask what is included and what is not. Rest assured, with GOQ Omaha Kitchen countertops, our customers in the greater Omaha Metro Area always get what they asked for and suffer no hidden costs. That is our promise!
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