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For most homes in America, the kitchen is the highlight of the property. It’s where people gather and enjoy home cooked meals, after all. It’s important to choose the right granite countertop fabricator if you want your kitchen to last and stay functional for decades. Even if you don’t cook and your kitchen is just for show, having a granite countertop can definitely increase your properties value. Here are some factors to help you decide on the right granite countertop fabricator to hire:

Guide to Choose the Right Granite Countertop Fabricator for your Kitchen


Your fabricator should only use premium materials and high-quality products when building your kitchen. Some fabricators use state-of-the-art technology such as automated CNC edge profilers and Laser Bridge saw to ensure the best results and a quick turnaround.

Choose a fabricator that can provide you a variety of shades and finishes. Granite comes in black, whites, corals, beiges, greens, and many other hues. It is available in two finishes: polished (shiny and darker) and honed (soft and matte). Costs greatly depend on the color, finish and origin of the stone, so you want a fabricator that can present many options so you can make a wise decision.

Background and experience

The fabricator should be trained and certified to create your kitchen. Choose a contractor with plenty of experience in handling kitchens so that if problems arise, they can easily resolve them.

Finished product

When you contact a granite countertop fabricator, request for before and after photos of kitchens they have previously remodeled or created. If possible, request for the contact details of their customers. You should ask the previous or current customers about the workmanship of the fabricator as well as how the new countertops are holding up. Don’t forget to ask what happened during the actual remodeling period and after. Excellent fabricators always clean up after they are done and even offer after-sales support.

The fabricator you hire should also have passion when it comes to building and remodeling kitchens. Sometimes, possessing the right tools and having skills is not enough. It takes heart to create a truly amazing kitchen. The best granite countertop fabricators enjoy what they do, and this is evident in the beauty and quality of their work. They should also give tips on how to care for granite and offer maintenance, such as re-sanding.

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